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Q: What is Semana Santa?

Semana Santa is the week before Easter. It is the biggest holiday in Mexico and many people come to the coast for their holiday. Resort towns get very busy.

Q: I want to come to La Penita but have not driven before. Is there a caravan I can join?

Yes, There is a caravan that leaves Arizona Oct 27 to arrive in La Penita November 1. You will also find postings from other people driving down on different dates that would like to team up with others.

Q: How do I post to the Serape?

A: Send an email to

Q: How do I get my name on the park roster and how do I receive one?

A: email

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: email with you name, rig size, email address and when and for how long you want to come and Carole will get back to you. You may have to be on a wait list for awhile. We can usually find space for everyone by September 15.

Q: Why can’t I use Air conditioning, my electric dryer or electric hot water. Why do I have to conserve electricity?

A: Electricity in Mexico is expensive. It is usually generated by diesel. By conserving you are not only helping to keep prices down you are helping the environment. Also, the park is wired for 15 amp to each site. That is not enough to run large appliances like air or dryers. We can’t get more electricity so we have to manage what we have. There is usually a nice breeze blowing and electric fans work well.

Q: Why can’t I put toilet paper in the toilet or in my holding tank?

A: The sewer systems in the park, as well as in most of Mexico, are 3 inch lines. Some are cement, although we have replaced most of those. Toilet paper does not break down as it used to. It has plastic in it! The pipes, especially after not being used all summer may have mud or even animals in them. If you flush your tanks and they have paper they plug up the lines. They also fill the septic tanks faster and it is hard to get them pumped. Until we took over they didn’t have lids! So we ask you to refrain from putting toilet paper in the toilets or your holding tanks.

Q: Why can’t I reserve the site I want?

A: We have many repeat customers. Many have been coming for over 20 years and have certain sites they come back to every year. Many have added improvements to their sites. If there is a deposit on a site then it is not available to rent to others.

Q: What happens if I leave a deposit and then I can’t come?

A: If you leave a deposit you have until September 1 to confirm or cancel your deposit. You can request a refund up to that time. If you can’t come you can also defer your deposit for 1 season. You cannot get a refund if you defer and then don’t come the next season.


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